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In amazon seller central, importance of keywords in the description is as similar to the necessity of soul in a body. As soul makes a body live, keywords in the description make the content strong and easily approachable. Your good keywords make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your product and let it come at top of search engine whenever anyone wants to buy a product which you are selling on amazon. Google amassed facts approximately a site completely based on the key phrases that were present on its pages and in its hyperlinks, and organizations could measure their success based on how they ranked for their goal keywords. Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

What are Keywords? Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

Those words which explain your product in one word or phrase (phrase : set of keywords which is used for particular search),which is searched by your customer. They explain your products name or features. For example, If you have a product whose title on amazon is “Women Summer Boho Off Shoulder Long Maxi Casual Dresses Slit Split On Side”. Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

The keywords which explain the title are Maxi Dress, Maxi , and Long Maxi. These words clearly describe the title.

Hence, the words which help your product’s search easier are called as keywords.

Importance of Keywords on amazon seller central:

As far as Amazon is concerned, most specific and appropriate keywords make the rank of your product higher and help to bring your product on Page 1 of amazon search.

Where to add keywords? Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

Below mentioned are the possible locations where you can add your keywords on amazon

1: Title: Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

While making the proper title of your product, you should add as many keywords you know about your product by keeping the appropriate limit set by amazon. These keywords will make your titles very strong and most familiar with the product. The title is the high-quality indication of what your product is about. Consequently, if a person sorts a keyword phrase into the search box and your title has that actual word in it, then there is a superb chance they may be looking for your object or an item just like it. This will be a fabulous chance for the sale

amazon seller central importance of keywords

2: Bullet Points: Amazon Keyword Selection Amazon Seller Central

You can add your keywords in the key product features , as they explain the specifications of your item in detail. This will help more buyers reach out to their desired item for shopping. See pointed bullet points below image.

amazon seller central importance of keywords

3: Descriptions:

The description is the detailed information of your product which is written at the bottom of the page. The more detail you add, the better satisfied the customer will be. The main goal of a seller is buyer’s satisfaction which will be achieved by the good explanation of the item which you are selling on amazon. Keywords addition in the detailed description will let your customer know more and more about the item and will convince him/her to buy it. Better keywords will make your descriptions attractive and comprehensive. A description having 1000 + words is recommended with HTML tags. The image below shows where descriptions are displayed on product page

amazon seller central importance of keywords 3


In amazon seller central Keywords are not the ‘magic  bullet” , but what we think .you might have observed that minor modifications in your content of product page with the addition of keywords can make a big difference. With a proper set of keywords mentioned in your descriptions can lead to a better capacity of customers and a luck of good sales.

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