Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

Are you worried by inventory in your amazon seller central account? Are you trying to find some questions, how much active inventory is in your account? Did you know about the sold items inventory report? Are you able to know how many products are there in the list of cancelled product report? It is important and useful for Sellers to remain Update about their Inventory. We make it easier for you, much other information regarding inventory you will get by following these Steps: Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central and login into your Account. You will find the Home Page then select the Inventory tab shown at your left-hand side in picture: Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

amazonsellercentral inventory report 1

  • When you click on the Inventory tab then you will find the more options in its drop-down menu. There is Inventory Report option in the sixth number of drop-down menu as per shown in Screenshot:

    Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

amazonsellercentral inventory report 2

  • Select the Inventory Report option, it will through you in the main page of Report. Here you can see the menu of Select Report Type; it depends on your need.

    Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

amazonsellercentral inventory report

  • Selecting the Report type menu you will found the list of types that amazonsellercentral provides you like Active Listings Report, Open listings Report lite, Open listings Report liter, Cancelled listings Report, Sold listings Report, Listing Quality, and Suppressed Listing Report, Referral Fee Preview Report, Amazon- fulfilled Inventory Report and High Volume Listings Report as mentioned in picture. You can select this type according to your need.

amazonsellercentral inventory report 4

  • For example, you want to get the report of cancelled product by Amazon seller due to few reasons so you will select the canceled Listings Report options in the drop-down menu.

                                               amazonsellercentral inventory report5

  • After choosing the Cancelled Listings Report It will show you like this in the figure, if you want any other Report then you can choose it again.

                                                                                                                      amazonsellercentral inventory report

  • Click for the Request Report button to get the list of Cancelled Listings products Report at amazon seller account:
  • You get the notification of request submission and time proceed and also you can see the status on the bottom of image below:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          amazonsellercentral inventory report 8

  • After few minutes your Report will ready to download. Sometimes it will take time but don’t get worried about this you can find out. Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central 

amazonsellercentral inventory report 9

  • When you select the Download shown you at the right-hand side and you will get file download at the bottom of your screen. This file will be in the format of text… you will convert it into excel sheet so it will be easier for you to understand. Amazon Listings Inventory Report Amazon Seller Central

                                                                                                                                 amazonsellercentral inventory report 10

  • This file contains the following details which are helpful for you to find the Specific Product at amazon seller central:
  • Item Name
  • Item Description
  • Seller SKU
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Image URL
  • Shipping
  • Browse path
  • Category
  • Features
  • Item note
  • Condition
  • Asin
  • Product ID Type
  • Product ID
  • Add-Delete

Thank you for reading this article with your attention. Hope it will be helpful and easier for you to get the Amazon Inventory Report related to your requirement.

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