How to do Niche Market Research and Product Research on Amazon:

Amazon seller central | Making Research about Niche Market and Product is very simple. Here I’m going to let you know how you can find Niche Market or a Product that will have great potential to sell.
I have seen many sellers who have chosen Amazon as their business but unfortunately, they are making a lot of struggle to sell even 1 item per day. Besides this, they have also spent their thousands of dollars to boost their product but still they are not successful. What is the reason behind this? Where did they something wrong?
The answer is, they didn’t choose a product that has great potential or even if the product has the potential, they are in the wrong category because they have chosen the category where there are so many best sellers selling the same product already and they have grabbed the first pages of Amazon. Therefore, it is very difficult for new sellers to come up to make their product visible.
I have found a simple way to make Niche Market research and Product Research on Amazon. I suggest you not to rely on the tools or software. With this simple way, you don’t need to spend money on different tools and you can find the best Product.
Steps to make Successful Product Research:
1.    Find the Niche Market First:
To find the best Product, you need to find the Niche Market, where you think huge customer turn out and low competition.

Simply go to and choose any category.
Scroll down and you will see sub-categories inside that main Category. In Sub-category you will also see that how many products each Sub-Category has.


Choose the Sub-Category which has less number of products. Less number of products determines less number of sellers and hence less competition.
Now, you are actually in Niche Market.
2.    Make the Analysis about Niche Market:
Next step is to make the analysis of the Niche Market you have recently found. This is to make sure that the Niche Market you have chosen is the right place or not.
Before making analysis, keep in mind two things.

A number of reviews on each product listings in that Niche Market determines the traffic. Based on my experience, if 100 People purchases, only 5 people leave Reviews or Feedback. This means if and product listing has 5 reviews, almost 100 people have purchased that product.

Therefore, make sure most of the listings have maximum reviews. If reviews are there then surely that Category has the huge number of Buyers.
The number of pages determines how many sellers are there and hence how much is the competition. If there are more than 50 pages are opened, I don’t recommend that Category.
So make the analysis and make sure that category has as many reviews with fewer products or of fewer number pages.
Once you have analyzed, you have made sure that you have chosen the best product.

amazon-seller3.    Your next step is to choose the best product from that Category. Choose the one that has more reviews.
4.    Once you have chosen your best product you just need to find a source.