Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Brand Registry is available for manufacturers on who wants better control over their product listings. Amazon Brand Registry is only available to sellers who are a manufacturer or sell their own branded products on or any other portal. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

Amazon encourages manufacturers selling on amazon to get brand registry so they can contribute even more compared to the other sellers into their listings and promotions. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

Only a few types of sellers on amazon can apply to enroll in their brand in Brand Registry:

  • Manufacturers or brand owners
  • If you are a Distributor, reseller, any other individuals or company or group of companies who have been given a written letter of authorization from the brand owner/manufacturer to sell their brand’s products on Amazon.

Prohibited Categories for the Brand Registry:

Amazon does not allow some categories to enroll for brand registry. Such as books, music, videos or DVDs. Amazon also prohibits Products in the Entertainment Collectibles and Sports Collectibles categories for brand registry.

How to apply for Brand Registry:

You want to register your Brand, its easy sign in your amazon seller account and click here to Register your Brand .

By clicking above a new page will open like this. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central


What I need to apply for Brand Registry:

To apply for brand registry, you need to provide following information.

  • A very well High Definition image of your product packaging with brand logo being visible on the packaging.


  • Any image of a product with your brand logo must be visible.


  • An active website that has all products you list with same images.

What if you are not a Manufacturer?

Amazon does not allow distributors or resellers applying for brand ownership on Amazon. For this you will need to upload an authorization letter from the manufacturer or brand owner and download a template request letter for you to send to the manufacturer. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central


Unique IDs for product listings: Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

Amazon brand registry enables sellers or manufacturers to specify an alternative key attribute that they can use to list their branded products instead of a standard product IDs such as (UPC or EAN).


Key attributes: Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

You will be asked to select a key attribute during the enrollment process. This should be an existing product identifier for your manufactured products. Once approved, you will have to provide a unique value for these attributes and for each branded product also. If you have UPCs (Universal Product Code), EANs (European Article Number) for your products, then you can select one of these as your key attribute. One of the following can also be selected as the key attribute: Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central

  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  • Model Number
  • Catalog Number
  • Style Number

Note: You must ensure that the value you have provided for your key attribute is unique. If not, your product or products won’t be registered in Amazon Brand Registry. You will keep on getting error messages when you create or update your products on Amazon. Or worst case scenario, you may very well be not being able to list your products.


Tips To add your existing Product listings in Amazon Brand Registry:

  1. When manufacturers enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry, if their listings on amazon already include the brand name, and brand name is the key attribute, then all of the products will automatically be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central


  1. If product listings do not contain the brand name and you have made your brand name as unique attribute, then you need to update their inventory to include the brand name and a unique key attribute value for each SKU and save. Brand Registry Importance Amazon Seller Central





Benefits of Brand Registry:


  • Control over product listings: Once registered you can have control your contents, images, bullet points and descriptions and you can make changes whenever you want. Simply control over the product listings to contribute even more.


  • No more UPCs: once you are brand registered, amazon then allows you to list your products without standard product identifiers link UPCs and EANs. Enrollment provides a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID) to your products. Sellers can use them in place of the standard product ID. (Although it is recommending that you should continue to include your products’ standard IDs (if exist).)

What Is A GCID?

GCID is(Global Catalog Identified) code. Once you are approved for Amazon Brand Registry, all SKUs / listings for that brand will be assigned a unique code called GCID. The GCID is a 16-character long alphanumeric code without spaces. The Code will look something like this: 5DSF5156SDF8432V.


How Do I Check If My Product Has A GCID?

The GCID will be automatically made for any of your products or listings that are correctly formatted according to the Amazon Brand Registry rules. To check your GCID codes for each product, follow these steps:

Open Seller Central > Go To Reports> Business Reports > Brand Performance


Approve Brand Registry in 2 days:

Click Here:

Amazon Brand Registry