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The article is written to calculate Acos (advertisement cost of sale) and other factors which may  effect your Acos. Do You know how spending, impression, clicks effects your acos? The topic is about how acos reports are being downloaded through campaigns and which acos gives you profit. Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

The ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure the performance of your Amazon seller central Sponsored Products campaigns. ACoS indicates the ratio of ad spend to targeted sales and is calculated like this:

In other words, you’re spending a quarter on ads to make one dollar of sales with that ad campaign. Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

You can find Acos of single keyword and with whole campaign: Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

Step 1: Go to your amazon seller central account. Click on reports and go to the advertising reports,

amazon seller central acos1

After clicking on the advertising report we will go to the page where we can download search term report by clicking on search term report icon as mentioned in the picture below. Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller central acos2

When you click on the request report, you can generate a report as shown below: Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller central acos 3

After when it get downloaded, it will be same like as shown in picture: Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller central acos 4

After that, you will copy the report and paste into the Microsoft office excel sheet as shown in the picture below.

amazon seller central acos 5

With this report, you can find your click through rate, sales, spending and your acos. Example: if you spend on a keyword $40 and your sale on this keyword is $160 the acos would be:

You can sort out with this equation Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

100*spend/sale, 100*40/160= Acosta 25% Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

Step 2: Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

Another way to calculate  Acos is through campaigns manager. Go to your seller central page. Where there an icon of advertisement go there and click on the campaign manager. As shown in picture below

amazon seller central acos 6

When you click campaign manager you will be able to see whole campaign; you can also download acos report by clicking on the see add report mentioned in the picture, image cover the acos of entire campaign, you can also check Acos of every single keyword by opening manual campaign

amazon selle central acos 7

Now you understand there are two ways to calculate Acos Calculating Acos – Amazon Seller Central

At this point, you need to know about the percentage of drives , which percentage ofAcos gives us revenue. Here you also must know about what is the breakeven point for Acos. Below an example which tells you about the breakeven point.

amazon seller central acos 8

The most appropriate Acos for profit is below 22%, above this, it is considered the fewer chances for good profit, 22% is considered break even point.