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♦ Are you tried to search  Specific category for your Product on amazon seller central? Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central
♦ We make the solution as easier as your needs…… Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Specific category selection as per the product  is very compulsory for effective product listing. All through the selection of category is not difficult at all. But new things are sometimes difficult sellers may have been suffering this issue when they are new on amazon and have very less experience. Instead of knocking your head against the wall go with simple steps and you are done with the selection of category as per the nature of products
Just Scroll down and check our following steps you will meet up your desired Solution. Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Here is the Solution! Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Step 1:

 Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central
The first step is to Sign in your Amazon seller central. Enter your Email & Password and Move to pointer Sign In

amazonsellercentral category 1

Step 2: Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Now you are in Seller Central, What’s Next? Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central
After sign in, you can see horizontal  list main categories, what you need to do is to click on the inventory as shown is the picture below

amazonsellercentral category 2

Step 3: Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

After clicking on the inventory button you can see the list, now what you need to do is to click on add product button.

amazonsellercentral category 3

After clicking the add product button, this button will be followed by the page where you can see the create a new product listing Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

amazonsellercentral category 4

Step 4: Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Click on Add product Category then Select the one of them Category which you want to choose for your listing. You need to go deep into the analysis of the selection of the category. The best way is to look into the competitor’s product, where you can find exactly where your competitor is listing the similar or same product.

amazonsellercentral category 5

Step 5:

You can choose the category according to your needs of Product which you wanted to add on Amazon. Going niche as per nature is most effective way to list the product. D irect Listing Amazon Seller Central

For example: 

Let’s take an example bags,If you want to select the category for the bag then you click on apparel and select the Bag category name in another column then Select the Bag for which one. If you choose the bag for the laptop then click on laptop computer backpacks then next column will appear. As described in the example going niche as per the product nature will be the most appropriate way. Direct Listing Amazon Seller Central

Clicking on Select Button & you can get the Required Category.

amazonsellercentral category 6

Note : if you did not find the category relevant to your product, you can go for category approval for your product through Amazon Seller Central.