Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

How to fix amazon seller central suppressed inventory issues? 

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

Do you know your sales on amazon seller central are badly affected ?  There are many minor reasons for that but it harms your entire store. I am sure you don’t want to loose your customers and want to generate even more sales tomorrow as compared to today. Lets Focus!

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

One of the main reasons which affects your sale is when your product don’t show up on Amazon due to their suppressed issues. Obviously when one cannot see the item, how will he/she be able to purchase it?

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

Well there are many problems with your listings which make your inventory suppressed. But now, its not the problem anymore,  I am here to guide you to fix your suppressed inventory :

Follow these easy and very simple steps which will help you resolve your suppressed


The very first step is to Sign in to your Amazon seller central. Take your pointer to inventory option on top left of your seller central, as displayed


 Step 2:

Go to inventory on left of your home page, you will see a drop down menu as shown in the image, now here click on manage inventory option. This will lead you to all your inventory present in your Amazon store


Step 3:

On top left, you can see there is an option of suppressed in blue color and underlined, you need to click it


By clicking on suppressed, the page will be navigated to all the store inventory which is sitting in suppressed due to various issues. It will be displayed as shown in the image


Step 4:

Now if you see on right side, amazon seller central suppressed issues are written with a heading of Issue(s) to fix. This is really helpful for us as it tells which kind of issue is present in your product which is making it suppressed and it will also help you to fix it by its proper instructions


All types of suppressed issues which have made your product suppressed will be displayed here

Lets talk about this particular example, the issue is of image. You need to  click on edit in order to check it


Let’s observe different cases Why our  inventory becomes suppressed? Below mentioned are some of the cases which may happen with your inventories and would help you to fix them by taking little and easy steps. Follow the cases

Case 1: 

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

As you can see the red alert is on the image section and no main image is present , this indicates that the listing is suppressed due to the unavailability of main image.

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues


In order to fix such issue, all you need is to upload main image as per Amazon rules and the suppressed issue will be finished and your product will be displayed for your customers to buy on Amazon

Case 2; 

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

The second type of issue, you can face is of non white image, as this is an Amazon rule to upload such image which has a white background as a main image of product. You can fix it by uploading right images with proper white background and the suppressed issue will vanish and product with its proper image will be displayed on Amazon


Case 3


Another case can be a missing attribute which is required for a specific category on Amazon. Like as we know if we are buying a cap, we need to know the exact color and size of it , so while listing an item , if someone doesn’t put this main attribute , the listing will sit in suppressed and won’t show at Amazon unless these important attributes aren’t filled.


So, when a required field is missing, it can be fixed by adding missing attributes and suppressed issue can be fixed easily

Case 4


One of the suppressed issues is the size of main image. This issue comes when the pixels of main image are not 1000 x 1000


In order to fix this problem of amazon seller central suppressed inventory, Just click on edit, download the image and fix it via Photoshop or any other media ( set the pixels as 1000 x 1000)  and re upload the main image. In this way, the image will be visible to all your customers now.

I tried to cover most of issues of suppressed inventory. I hope these little steps will help you to resolve your problems.

Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues

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Fixing Amazon Seller Central Suppressed Inventory Issues