amazon seller central USA: How to Categorize Products

If you are a beginner then you might be confuse about selecting the category for product on the Amazon.Dont worry we are here to help you out by guiding you with some easy steps.

I have provided below these steps . Just follow them  and you are ready to categorize your products .


amazon selle rcentral 1


After login to your seller central .Click on the inventory button which will be on the top corner of the page.


amazo n seller central 2

Choose “Add a Product” from the options.



amazon seller central 3

Preceding through the third step you will get the above  option “Create a new product listing”. Select it in order to proceed .



You will get a variety of different product categories from which you can select the category type of your product .


amazon seller central 5

For Instance, You have to sell clothes. You will click on the “APPAREL” option. As shown above.


amazon seller central 6


After selecting “APPAREL” option .You will get some further options . These are sub-categories within a category .


amazon seller central 7


For instance, You have to list “Blouses” . Then select category Shirt . Which will allow you to view some more sub-categories. While selecting categories try to think that in which category you will be able to find your sub-category . It requires a knowledge about the type of product and a use of common sense.




You will get a “BLOUSES” within the sub-category of the shirts. Press the select button .


amazon seller central

Finally, after selecting the right product category .You will be able to see this screen and continue with your product listing by adding some other required information of the product .


I would like to share some tips with you as well regarding selecting a category .

-Try to select the accurate category for the product .It will enable your customer to find the product they require very easily. In return it will boost your sales. So be careful while selecting the Product category .

-If your unable to find the required category for any of your product then try to match it with the category which is much similar to your product .

-If there isn’t any product category required by you then you can list them in the other category option

I hope that you will find all these steps and tips very useful

Good Luck with your product listing on an AMAZON .