Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

Being an amazon seller central seller, other wiseDo you know you the more bounce rate you have on your website or page or single session can because of conversion failure? High bounce rate is such a serious problem for your conversion rate on amazon seller central. Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

So you people cannot ignore high bounce rate. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results. Before you can overcome your bounce rate, you have to understand what bounce rate is complete. Bounce rate simply can be described as the number of visitors who come to your website and leave it without viewing your other website pages, basically the percentage of web sessions. You need to make sure that once visitors come to your site for any intention, they keep their visit ongoing throughout the whole pages. Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

According to algorithm A-9 for Amazon bounce rate is one of the factors that’s been considered important for ranking. We all know what keywords are, keywords are phrases or search terms used by any browser to search particular product on Amazon, when a visitor was going to spend more time on the website, which was the result of that keyword search than bounce rate will be lower. For example, you are searching for cupcake boxes, and you have this keyword in your product title, the more time spent on your product page will send signal to the algorithm that your product link is best for the search query this will help your product to be rank for that search query, Getting Rid of High Bounce Rate is Not a Big Deal, Of course, you can get rid of high bounce rate following theses easy techniques: Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

Make your Content More Readable

  • The first thing you ever keep in mind your content readability should as much clearer as you can.
  • Maintain the check on font style.
  • Proper use of capitalization and punctuation.
  • Balance spacing

Add Video & Grab the Audience

If you want to improve your visit duration so it must have something which people cannot even ignore. In the current era video adding is the most authentic way to grab the audience. When a viewer visits your website if they have less time and want to get more information, so they search for the easiest way to get their requirements, eventually have a look video on the front page so definitely, they will open and watch the whole video.


Infographics are the visual representation of some data and information. It is also the technique to make your content more attractive and useful. Making your content interactive will help

Demanded Title

  • Titles are sole of your content so they should be perfect.
  • Divide your titles and sub-tiles into proper sections.
  • Use appropriate keywords
  • Focus on structure which makes sense
  • Don’t drag your title too lengthy

Durable and attractive Meta Description

The Meta description is the summary of the content so it should be properly utilised. When people search for anything on Google, it is the story which comes with the title search so it can generate traffic.

Keyword adjustments

Keyword use can generate traffic, but proper adjustment of keywords is a serious matter. This can affect your entire SEO. Adjusting an appropriate keyword has the highest importance for ranking, always go for the keywords that

Make your content more authentic

Content is the main force which attracts your viewers so it should be as stronger as you can.  This point is 200% valid that without superior quality content, there is no way at all that you are going to get good traffic and conversion rate, it is well said that you are what you share, sharing a useless material for superior quality, does not justify your  product at all Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

Provide your similar Visitor Information

It is considered best that you must have product variation for your products, this will help the visitor to stay more on your page for the particular product. Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

Traffic source

Traffic source is one of the primary factors which can affect your bounce rate. Below can help your business to have good bounce rate. After fulfilling all the above standards, traffic source can be very useful; you can go for below

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Twitter announcement. etc.

       Off page traffic source Marketing is all about pointing the information that customer is looking. Making an active social media presence through a lot of information linked with their needs always give 100% more potential opportunity. Information provided on blog or social media  will always take them to the place, where they can find their needs linking with that product,  for example  , you have the product line for costumes, making  an excellent article enrich with uses , trends, fashion, uses or event history will make your visitor mind to purchase and a link pointing the best products will make your customer 80% ready for the acquisition. This process gives your page or web a bad traffic and this traffic is going to spend time with your internet presence.

 Lower Bounce Rate Amazon Seller Central

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