PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

Every seller seeks to master the concepts and methods of amazon to achieve high volume of sales. But it’s not a fairy tale to just go for it, list your thing and start making money. PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

Like an ordinary business person, you have to start from the bottom at your earliest. Learn the methods and do some experiments to get things going in your favour. You have to get your listings in great shape and then go for the next phase which is Reviews. Get them by using different methods and gigs proposed and allowed by amazon seller central. Then we come to most interesting part of advertisement which can either make a seller successful or the opposite. PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

PPC Campaign is the marketing opportunity introduced by amazon seller central to help new sellers promote their products and drive traffic to towards their listings and increase sales ratio. Below mentioned steps will guide you how to create and manage PPC Campaigns. PPC  Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

1. Creating Your First Campaign

To set up your first campaign, go to the advertising tab in Seller Central, and then click on the Campaign Manager option in the drop-down menu. PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller central ppc

Then hit the big Create Campaign button to get started.

amazon seller central ppc 2

When you click Create Campaign button then it shows this page

amazon seller central ppc 3


Select a targeting type:

amazon seller central ppc 4

Your First Ad:

On the next page, we’re actually going to build the ad that amazon seller central is going to show for your product. PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

Next up is deciding on your default bid, Amazon’s pay-per-click ads are set up as an auction for ad space, so the default bid is the maximum you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Initially, we recommend setting this number as high as $5 dollars per campaign. PPC Campaigns Guidelines Amazon Seller Central

You’re trying to collect as many data about the advertising market in your vertical as possible, and if your default bid is too low, your ads will only get shown sporadically and it’ll be difficult to trust the data you’ve collected. Starting with a bold default CPC (Cost Per Click) will help you, so you want to make sure to outbid the competition at first.

For a single product we recommend the following campaigns:

  1. One Automatic Campaign.
  2. One Manual Campaign having following ad groups respectively:
  3. Broad Match
  4. Phrase Match
  5. Exact Match

Start an Automatic Campaign and monitor it for 2 to 3 week. Once you have got sales then you should right away start a Manual Campaign and start with Broad Match Ad group. Filter and get your best-performing keywords from search terms report and add to your Manual Broad ad group.

amazon seller central ppc 4

Next up, is choosing the keywords you want to advertise for. Amazon will show you a list of suggested keywords – don’t just blindly trust these, those are there to make Amazon money, not you. Make sure they perfectly fit your product offer or ignore them.

NOTE: It’s strongly advised to never go for a manual Campaign first because customers search through the variety of words and choose their products. In order to get the bestselling and profitable keywords, setup Automatic PPC Campaign first. Get the report after 2 week minimum and choose the keywords which performed well or provided you sales, Acos, Conversion Rate and sales.

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