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Since the existence of amazon from 1996, there are about 2 million sellers on amazon, past three years sales is a proven fact that points the ultimate success of amazon. According to the statics, there are about 25.4 billion sales in 2015, following ascending order; sales climbed the figure of 35.1 billionStrong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

Amazon has developed very strong branding roots, the web traffic figures in November 2016 is 337,360,450, which is humongous. These figures describe the potential opportunities . Amazon is taking serious steps for superior standards recently amazon has disqualified fake reviews, many sellers have suffered a heavy loss but looking into long term benefits of sellers. amazon has taken one of the very crucial steps. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

amazon seller central growth

Most of sellers are taking this a barrier to their business success. From past few weeks, it’s been observed that sellers are very insecure for the their business carrier. Somewhere this might change your positing but in long term making your business standards up to the amazon will give you more than your expectations. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

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There are few things given which may help you to plan and develop your business better for the future, we are going to start from common concepts. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

Most of you know what the concept of quality is, but adding few more to the knowledge those who are not aware, quality is all about delivering superior standards and experiences. Now if you look into amazon footsteps for superior standards, it protects the buyers but there is no discrimination at all.  Sellers must need to understand that sellers and amazon are on one side. Amazon new policies can protect their long-term benefits.

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Keep it Primary!

The common perception for an e-commerce business reflects that it’s a second income source. The wide scope of online shopping does not allow secondary preferences any more. The most successful online business never consider e-commerce a secondary source of income. These businesses are using strategic approach based upon deep analysis. Through analysis, they are able to make effective decisions that keep them with the trends. Business is all about a right decision on right time. A little change in perception for the things around you can be a source of potential opportunity. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

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Go for Strategic planning!!!

This point describes  that how  world leading e-commerce businesses takes primary decisions.

  • PEST analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Most of you may know these terms, these terms seem to be complicated but in actual, they are not complicated at all. These analyses are the set of factors around you but you have never perceived these factor as essential for the business strategy. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

PEST analysis

Political factors

Economic factors

Social factors

Technological factor

amazon seller central strategic plannig

The USA has gone through the big political change, now you can look into the change in policies, just take an example of tax policies, now look into facts: which class of people will suffer more or get the benefit. Now you can look into your customer’s where they stand. Now you have one strong link between two facts.

Same goes with the new proposed policy for imports, the higher amount of tax will higher the cost of imported things. Now you can make a relation with your business financial position, profit margins , and  potential target market.

SWOT analysis





You would get a plenty of links in between these facts and take your business nature into the account now you need to divide these links as per nature either they are presenting an opportunity or threat, weakness or strength. for example, if you are importing some products from china, an increase in tax will lower down your profit margin than its probably a big threat to your business, whereas if you are a manufacturer, operating manufacturing units in the USA, then you have the very strong opportunities only fact you need to look into is the buying power of your customers. Strong Strategic Planning Amazon Seller Central

Competitor analysis

Goes as deeper as you can while searching for competitor’s strength and weakness. There are plenty of software’s available in the market, which gives the clear picture of competitor positioning strategies, look into keywords which are driving traffic.  Go deep to the social media accounts and offers given by them, find the weaknesses in competitor strategy and work on them.

Now you are aware of approaching used by the most successful companies, now choose your goal and start exploring each and every analysis as per your business nature make an action plan based on concrete logic you are obtaining from the analysis. Believe me, you have the killer strategy!

amazon seller central growth

As per my professional experience, all those sellers suffer more issues who are cheating on amazon standards, if you are having true reviews, writing original unique superior quality content, providing fabulous customer services, using appropriate marketing. No new policy can affect your positioning.

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