Two Factor Authentication Security

SMS authentication is a modest and actual way to add the extra guard to online accounts, and we strongly support it. Most great services proposed it as documented in popular articles on the creation of this kind of security for Google/Gmail and PayPal. Oddly, in spite of a rising number of anecdotes of scam, Amazon only recently underway offering the choice for US account holders and it is still not allowed for UK account owners. Two Factor Authentication Security

Thinking laterally, it goes there is a very modest way to enable two-factor SMS for UK users without having to delay until it is officially launched. All that is required is an Amazon US account, something that several UK users will have anyway as a facility to drive gifts to US relations or to get hold of things not offered in the UK. This works because, the UK and US accounts need different passwords and have distinct portals, they are still related by name, main address, first credit card and email ID. That put on to security which is achieved as a single platform for countries. Two Factor Authentication Security

Once equipped with the Amazon US account, just log in and find ‘Your Account’ > ‘Change Account Settings’. US user now has an additional option, ‘Advanced Security Settings’. At this point, the manager will be requested whether they need to enable SMS authentication. Two Factor Authentication Security

Insert a UK mobile number, keying the six-digit SMS code sent to that phone. A backup mainline phone number can also be identified, a decent impression in case the cell phone is lost or out of action for some reason. This can be confirmed either by SMS or by getting the same code through automated voice call. Two Factor Authentication Security

As with Google Authenticator, Amazon also deals with an application that will produce the same code from a latest mobile phone even if there is no cell phone service. Few people might find this friendlier. Two Factor Authentication Security

To evade having to produce a code every time the user signed in, Amazon allows single devices (i.e. a Computer, smart phone, tablet PC, etc.) to be whitelisted. Remember this, any new device from which Amazon is opened will need a code every time the account is opened unless it is added to the exclusion list.

From now on when you are going to visit the UK Amazon, the service will request for an authentication code even though that service if not formally enabled. The ‘Advanced Security Settings’ preference even now shows under ‘Your Account’. So, note that machines and devices whitelisted for the US service will require being whitelisted a second time for UK logins. Two Factor Authentication Security

It is probable that SMS authentication will be accessible to UK users in due course, at which point the US account will no longer be essential. We still consider it is poor that Amazon has trailed other large service providers in such a significant form of security. As the world’s top e-commerce firm, Amazon might also do a lot to educate some awareness of the technology and its compensations. Two Factor Authentication Security

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